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Uruguayan Design Award in Milan

Uruguayan designers, Mercedes Arocena and Lucía Benítez (Also designer of Manos del Uruguay) were awarded at the 21st edition of the International design contest Mittelmoda, which took place on the 7th November in Milan, Italy.

Each year, Mittelmoda gathers 26 finalists, selected from more than 600 design schools from all over the world, some of them among the most prestigious ones.

The collection ?Dominga?, made by the Uruguayan designers who graduated from the EUCD (Escuela Universitaria de Diseño), obtained the ?Dinamica Eco Chic Award? to the best collection made out of natural fabrics.

On the 2nd November, the designers travelled to Milan, Italy with their collection, in order to the participate in the finals, where they competed against other 25 finalists for several prizes.

In the designers´ words ?Dominga comes as a result of an experimental investigation process that beginns with the wool, a natural, sustainable and warm fiber that is part of our history and our culture.

We intended to intervene as far as we could, on the transformation process of the material, starting from the raw wool to the finished garment.

The collection finds its inspiration on the the Uruguayan countryside and the history of our country. We reinterpreted the ?Gaucho?, a typical character of our countryside by re designing some his iconic garments such as the ?poncho?, the ?ruana? or the ?chiripá?.

Each step was handmade, which intended to revalue craft techniques such as felting , embroidery, hand stitching, and techniques such as "guasquería" , which became a key part of the collection.

Pictures of the show:
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