New Color: Cincuenta, to celebrate Manos first 50 years

We have a new color: Cincuenta (50) to celebrate Manos fifty anniversary. 

A bright mix of orange, purple and green that reflects the joy of the celebration. 

It is available trough our whole range of yarns. 


New Colors for Spring 2017

New Colors for Spring 2017

We are introducing new colors to the paletes of Serena, Marina and Alegria

To Love is to Care

To Love is to Care

We often get inquires about how to take care of our wool textiles

Artisians Day 2016

Artisians Day 2016

Every 28th of July, in Uruguay, we celebrate the “Artisans Day” commemorating the birth of the artist Joaquin Torres García. We are proud to work every day with Artisans that work with talent and dedi...



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