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To Love is to Care

We often get inquires about how to take care of our wool textiles

It is really a very simple task, our goods are made with love and care and if you treat them that way, they will provide you with many years of coziness and warmth.

Wool garments are very noble and require very little care, wool naturally repels dirt and odors, so a regular airing is enough. 

If you need to wash a stained garment, wash just the dirty area, with soapy cold water, without rubbing and absorbing excess water with a towel. 

Before cleaning a garment, always read the care label.  Most of our garments are labeled Dry Clean only.  Specially the merino extrafine ones. This sweet fiber is very delicate and felts easily, never use the washing machine and we don’t recommend hand washing either.  You must use a traditional dry cleaning service.  


Some of our products (childrenswear mostly) are made in Lambswool (80% wool, 20% polyamide), in this case is is possible to hand wash the garment, in cold to warm water with a mild soap. It is important to take the excess water with a towel and then dry horizontally, re-shaping the garment with the original measurements. 

Soft wools as merino, have finer, shorter fibers that make the knits soft and light. These short fibers tend to get loose and produce pilling.  Pilling can be removed cutting the surface fibers with scissors, razors or electric razors. If properly removed, pilling decreases with time.

Wool is a sustainable fiber that can be worn for many years, it can be later recycled and will ultimately be biodegraded. That’s just one more reason to love it.

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