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Manos del Uruguay received the Seal of Excellence from Unesco 2012

28 crafts rewarded with the ? Recognition of Excellency of the UNESCO for handmade products of Mercosur (2012) ?.

The third edition of the recognition of excellence Unesco for handcrafted products of the Mercosur was held from July 30 to August 2 in Piriapolis, Uruguay.

The selection was done according to the following criteria: excellence authenticity innovation marketing and two pre-conditions to be met by any part: respect for the environment responsibility Social.

The five participating countries presented a total of 87 pieces of different materials such as textile, metal, stone, leather, fiber, etc.. representing a wide variety of traditional and contemporary craftsmanship in our region. UNESCO awarded the 'Award of Excellence' to 28 products that met the criteria and conditions required quality.

The international jury consisted of a panel of high-level experts from Colombia, Mexico and Perú.

Manos del Uruguay was selected with a bedside rug ?Pie de cama Tierra Mojada? inspired by the hallmark of our Uruguayan countryside. It was designed by Ana de Prado and developed in the technical department of Manos del Uruguay. The products of artisans and Carlos Pedro Larrama Clavelli (certified with the seal of excellence) are also sold on the premises of Manos del Uruguay.

The ceremony was held at the School of Arts and Crafts Dr. Pedro Figari (Montevideo, Uruguay), on Thursday August 2, in the presence of the authorities, artisans, designers, academics, experts and students. Also, artisanal products winners were exposed to the public in this same place.

What is this certification?

Craft products meet a set of characteristics that make up the patrimony and the cultural identity of the communities and villages, linking tradition and innovation, languages and aesthetic, according to different historical periods. Vectors of cultural diversity, craftsmen and craftswomen have transmitted their knowledge from generation to generation, contributing to our rich heritage.

Aware of this, UNESCO is the only international organization that has a global vision of the role of sociocultural and economic crafts in society, for which it is responsible for developing a harmonious, coherent and concerted action in favor of this sector.

Also, the recognition also wants to become a mechanism of quality certification, and a device of marketing to ensure the excellence of traditional products handmade and/or innovative craft products.
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