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Manos en Brooklyn

Lucía Franco is a Uruguayan illustrator, graduated in Graphic Design...

She has worked as an art director at various agencies and design studios in Montevideo. 

Two years ago she settled in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and little daughter, looking for new horizons. Lucía works as a freelance illustrator and by late 2014 had her first solo exhibition in a New York gallery.

They live in a typical brownstone building surrounded by crayons, Lego blocks and guitars.

 Every morning Lucía draws, while Francisca plays, and all together are celebrating the arrival of Jacinto, the youngest.

 Lucía summarizes her life in NY, with these words:  “We live the first month in Manhattan, and after seeing 5 apartments we moved. We went many times to the park, to MoMA ,  IKEA , to beautiful places and bizarre places, we took many trains and planes , we saw squirrels , raccoons , famous people , beautiful stained glass windows and a few nuts on the subway , we ate strange and tasty, we experience very hot and very cold weather, they fined us , we cry , we miss , we dream , we enjoy, I drew, drew and drew , I was mom full time, and we became friends” .

Find out more about her:                                    

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