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In July this year, a French journalist and photographer for the prestigious magazine Marie Claire, especially traveled to Uruguay to do an interview about Manos . The article was published in the January issue (which hits newsstands in December).

Emmanuelle Eyles and Marta Nascimento visited us at our offices in Montevideo and then they went cooperatives Fraile Muerto, Tacuarembó and Tambores.

In the cooperatives, they took countless photos, shared long time with the artisans and were interested in every detail; not only of their work , but also their experiences , their lives, their families.
The motivation to carry out the article is the incredible path that a garment has, from its origin in the hands of a Uruguayan rural women to the most luxurious shops of brands such as Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs in Paris

Some extracts from the interview explain the complex logistics that Manos face every day, while others describe the collaboration with designers of those brands. But the soul of the article is the testimonies of craft women and the pride they have reflected by their work.
In the course of the article we acknowledge the realities of different women, their families, their difficulties and their stories in Manos del Uruguay which are much more than just a working relationship.
The magazine pays much attention to gender issues and the "empowerment" of women, and the vocation of Manos del Uruguay to gives tools for independence. They state this as an example to be share.

The article describes the advanced aspects of our country in relation to legislation on gender issues.

It has been a honor and a great satisfaction, seeing our work recognized and shared to the world through this prestigious magazine. Marie Claire thank you very much !!

"In remote areas of Uruguay , a small progressive country where sheep outnumber the inhabitants , weavers become prominent creators designs for (Prada , Dries van Noten ) in sweaters and other garments of wool. An incredible leap into the breach.?