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Manos del Uruguay exclusively for Club Monaco

Last year we developed a whole line of products for the Brand: CLUB MONACO ( #clubmonaco

All products are part of a special line that we developed with LatinAmerican yarns form Uruguay and Peru.
The garments had a tag with the logo of MANOS explaining where and how they were developed.

Most of the garments from this line were 100% Hand Made, and Club Monaco had a special space in stores for our products with little signs that say: "MANOS del URUGUAY Exclusively for Club Monaco". They even promoted the line in instagram (@CLUBMONACO) . For us it was a big surprise and made us really proud.

All departments at MANOS committed to this project and happily work with great effort to end up with a wonderful product. When doing handmade garments; each component of the production chain get more involve affectively with the product. From technical department that develop samples to craftswoman who make the product and quality control that reviews each garment one by one. Finally being able to see the collection in stores or images in from the campaign was the perfect wrap up.

We are thankful to CLUBMONACO for trusting us. And support our Fair Trade Project.
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