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A Pope close to our hands

On the occasion of the election of the Latin American Cardinal Bergoglio as Supreme Pontiff, Manos del Uruguay wanted to congratulate him and somehow be closer to him.

We then thought of sending him a present, created with our hands, made with the love and devotion we always put in our work.

We chose the blanket ?Tierra Mojada? which was inspired by the textures and colors of our land. This blanket was knitted at the Soriano Artisanal Cooperative (CAS) by artisans of Egaña and José Enrique Rodo villages. It is made from natural color´s pure wool and Criolla wool, hand spun on spinning wheel.

Along with the blanket we sent a card with a phrase that we believe especially represents our Organization: "We don't have in our hands the solution to the problems of the world, but to face the problems of the world we have our hands".

For delivering this present, Magdalena Pérez del Castillo´s aid was fundamental along with the the generous support of Ambassador Diego Zorrilla de San Martín (adherent partner) and the Uruguayan Ambassador to the Vatican, Prof. Daniel Ramada.

Our happiness and recognition were intense. Pope Francisco not only had appreciated very much the gift, but also had a picture taken with it of this special moment. According to a Verbal Note from the Vatican Head office to the Uruguayan embassy, the Pope ?blesses cordially the work team who made the blanket and their respective families?.

This blanket also had obtained the UNESCO Recognition of Excellence in Craftsmanship, through a contest that the organization carries out every two years.
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